The  ABC   Scrapbooking

ACCENT - Embellishment we place in layout scrapbooking or other projects that are made of chipboard, buttons, gossip and other things.
ACID FREE - Expression used it when a product gets a high pH level of 7.0 and an acid free product free of acidity and safe to be used in scrapbooking because your picture will never lost with time.
Acrilic PAINT - acrylic paint used to paint paper and other components of a page or project Scrapbooking
ADHESIVES - Sao embellishments to compose a page of Scrap
AGING-Technique used to look like something old, same old or yellowish
ALBUM 3 or 3 RINGS RINGS BINDERS - Album of the type used by high school binder that has three rings where they are held for a protective plastics the organization of the pages layout.

ABC ALBUM - A personality in the album name or even the staff can use a word like FRIENDS, MOMMY, DAD, SISTERS, BABY, VACATIONS, DOGS.
Timeline or ALBUM PAGE (layout) - The album or page (layout) are organized according to the time of the photograph taken in sequence.

ALBUM OF MEMORIES PAGE or (layout) Originally from the English word whose translation means Scrapbook Paper Clippings there where we can explore all the SCRAP technique.
SPIRAL ALBUM - Bound with a wire coil with beads and with page numbers and defined in this case we use just a theme.
Archival MIST - Product used to make the paper free of acidity.

Archival QUALITY - Term suggested it when we say that a substance or product and chemically stable, durable and permanent. In practice, this means that the product quality and suitable for archiving and preservation.

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