C PH test pen - Pen own to test whether a paper and acid, alkaline pu is pH neutral. Gel Pen - Pen-edge media used to write pages of journaling scrapbooking, decorating ornaments, ect. This pen has a huge variety of colors. Cardstock - Plain paper and colored in the mass, often used as a basis for scrapbooking pages, cards, etc.. Has dierent weights. Reel - Tool serrated at the tips used to mark the localonde whether to cut or sew CK OK (Okay Creatink Keepsakes) - Seal of approval for scrapbooking. Products with this seal are considered safe to practice scrapbooking. CKU - Creating Keepsakes University) for the Review Course intnsivo promovitdo CREATING Keepsakes (CK). Participates in this event the best designers in the world of SCRAP Collage - Form of composition where different materials such as cloth, paper, ect are pasted on a surface. Color Blocking - Technique where blocks of color make up roles (diagram) a page layout or business card scrapbooking. This technique is also known as color block. Confetti or "punchier" - are the figures that are made of paper through the paper punches Analogous colors - colors that are close to each other in the rda of colors. Colors to - Sao colors (orange, green and purple) created through the combination (blending) of primary colors. Tertiary colors - the colors are orange and blue-green 9vermelho, for example) created by combining the primary colors with secondary Crop - The act of cutting the picture Crop Crop day and night - Meeting people to exchange ideas, make suggestions and layout of projects and scrapbooking Crumpling - The act of bending the paper to create texture.

Deacidification - Process which uses a high buffer to increase pH paper and neutralize existing acidity and preventing that the paper becomes acidic again. Deacidification Spray - Spay which neutralizes the acidity of paper, paper, ect. Design - Organization of visual pictures, journaling and embellishments (anotacaoes, diary) that constitute a page terminated. Die Cut Machine - machine used to cut die-cuts. Cricut - SILHOUETTE - and Sizzix die cuts. Die cuts - Sao figures pre-cut paper that can have various shapes and sizes. Dis Ink - Stamp Pad (FAMOUS stamp) the basis of water that has fast drying. Dingsbats - Sao those sources with drawings (images of various themes) which equals the lyrics. Distressing - Technique of making something that looks well used, worn, damaged or discolored, old. Distress Ink - Stamp Pad the basis of water used to give an aged appearance and appearance of the pages used for scrapbooking, cards, tags, invitations, ect. Dye - En color (similar to aniline) soluble in water used for coloring paper, cloth, canvas, ect. Double-Mount - paste the picture consists of two background papers. Dry-embossing - Technique through relief of pressure

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