Background Paper - Name of the role that used to fund a project, card, layout.

Blending Pencil - Tool used to mix the colors of colored pencils, creating different tones.

Moulder - Tool used to curl at the tip of the paper used in the elaboration of roses on fabric or paper.

Edge - top, bottom side of a page. A page may or may not contain edge and contains qdo, and usually this borga and garnished.

Brads - Sao brackets or dancers, those who used to fix the leaves, cover, they are blocks of various colors and sizes.

Brayer - Rubber roller used in conjunction with a stamp pad to create background pages Scrapbooking, Cards, Ornaments. Tbem used to remove air bubbles from surfaces with glued paper.

Buffered - For simplicity, a paper that says 'buffered' has a negative degree of acidity. Ie. it can contain some acidity of other materials (or itself over time.)

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